My experience

Which tools were effective?

I think adding tags to my posts were helpful because it allowed people to find specific topics. I’m not sure what it would have been like without them, but I do think it helped narrow down my posts whenever people were searching for a general health and fitness blog. Another thing that I thought was helpful was incorporating links within our posts. I liked that we could expand on our topics and that people who visited the site could easily access the additional information.

Which tools were not effective?

This was definitely a learning experiment and something that involved some trial and error. Maintaining a blog and having to create content weekly was not an easy job. There is more to it than just writing a few words and adding pictures. I think some tools made it easier to design the blog, but there were some that seemed a little unnecessary. For instance, promoting the posts on Twitter did not seem to effect how many people were viewing my blog. This could be because I did not have a Twitter prior to this project; therefore, I had zero followers. I think if you have a substantial number of followers before you start a blog, then maybe your social media would benefit you.

What would you want to improve or include within the site?

Like I mentioned before, this was a new experience for me. Without that being said, I am still trying to navigate through this website. For the most part, everything seemed pretty straightforward. When I was confused on how to complete a task, I just looked it up and that seemed to help me. If there was one thing that could be improved on within the site, I think it would be the layout of the website. I think it could be simplified a little more. There were times where I got lost because there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary tabs.

In what ways could the experience benefit you in the future? 

I think being able to write to a specific audience and being able to relate to them is something that would be beneficial in the future. With any job, you want to be able to communicate well and efficiently to any client you might have. For me, I think writing this blog has allowed me to share my thoughts with others in a new way. It has forced me to look at writing in a new perspective and has also pushed me to create something with a little more purpose.

Discuss how you might implement these tools professionally in the future, in a job or an entrepreneurial endeavor?

Before creating this blog, I was a little skeptical about it because I had never done anything like it before and did not know what to expect. I will say that working on this weekly has helped me with my writing and my creativity. I think those are important to have with all jobs. I’m still trying to figure out what I would like to do with my future, but I think that having general writing skills and being able to brainstorm and create ideas can be implemented in any career. Almost all jobs require both of those things, so it’s better to get in as much practice as you can. I think you can always improve and always learn something.


Screenshot of stats
Stats for popular post 

Which was your most popular week, and how many views and visitors did you get that week?

My most popular week was June 3-7 with 69 views and 23 visitors.

Which was your most popular blog post of this semester? How many views did it get? Why do think it was the most popular?

My “5 tips to start your fitness journey” post was the most popular this semester and it had 52 views that day. I’m not really sure why it was the most popular. In fact I was a little surprised that it was. It might be because it’s a general topic and something that is discussed often.

In all the site stats, was anything surprising to you?

One of my favorite things about reading the stats was seeing where all the views were coming from. A majority of my visitors were from the United States, but I did get a few from the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Belgium. I thought it was surprising that people across the world were reading my blog.

Do you have any Twitter, Facebook or other social media stats you want to share?

I can’t say that my Twitter had any outrageous stats, but my 5 tips to start your fitness journey had 324 impressions, which I thought was pretty good for not having any followers.


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